Parenting in Self-Quarantine period!

Author: rem-steem


Parenting is always hard. But in this lockdown and quarantine period, it became harder. We can't go outside and inside it's monotonous, for all of us- parents and kids. I'm sharing some of my tips which I'm doing regularly to make out stay home enjoyable. Also, I'm making time for my son to feel better.

I hope it's gonna help you?


# Much Love

**Who I am?**
*I'm a proud & happy 'stay home Mom of a toddler son. I'm totally happy with my life, with what I have and really thankful for everything. I gathered some experience working with HR in a multinational organization. Also, I had my University degree in Public Administration. But besides, most importantly, I'm a life & nature enthusiasts, I love to learn human psychology, I'm trying to live mindfully and sure, I'm a 'positive learner'.*



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