Alive but not okay!

Author: rem-steem

Description: Quarantine is getting hard every day. Every day is challenging. I'm happy to alive and fine. But there are lots of uncertainty. You know this is giving me anxiety. I don't know when we can get back to normal life or even if we could. I don't know if we can live well or will face this virus badly. I know nothing...

Stay home and stay safe!


# Much Love

**Who I am?**
*I'm a Happy and Proud stay home Mom. I have a toddler boy and a beautiful family.
I had my University degree in 'Public Administration' and later did my Post Graduation in 'Human Resource Management'. I also gathered experience working with HR in a multinational Organization. Besides that and most importantly; I'm a life & nature enthusiast, I love to learn human psychology, I'm a 'Book worm' and very introvert but also love to travel. I'm trying to live mindfully and sure, I'm a positive learner.*


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