.Should Steemians and Dtubers get Less Rewards for Using Bad/Broken English

Author: robertandrew

Description: I have plenty of steemian friends across the globe. For many of them, English is their second language. And I know some in our Community have voiced concerns that Quality Content also means Quality English ( or Spanish, Russian etc...).

I tend to disagree with that to a certain extent.
Yes, a lot of times my global friends will mispronounce words, use present tense when they should use past tense,
misspell words, use the wrong pronouns, and just run the whole gamut of English grammar mistakes.

But here's my thing : if you are able to get your point across and if the point is valid and redeeming, well the broken English doesn't mean a damn thing to me.

I realize English is tough to learn so basically I want to get
the gist of what you are saying. That's it. That's the only important thing for me.

So basically if we have two similar posts about similar topics and of similar quality but one has broken English and the other does not....well I believe on Rewarding them equally. Does that make sense ??

Now here's where there may be a problem. You get someone who is writing or speaking in English and it is so bad to
a degree that you cannot even understand their Point. That's when problems arise.

Luckily, that does not occur very much on the block chain. Most will just stick with their native tongue and forgo trying to
do it in English.

Anyway, I was pondering about all this earlier when I was reading one of my Russian friend's blog post. And how it didn't matter if he used some words here and there that were
incorrect.The fact that his point was so well delivered and just damn good was all that mattered to me :)