It Seems to be Getting Tougher and Tougher to Find and Follow Worthy Steemians and Dtubers Who Post more than Once a Week !

Author: robertandrew

Description: I am having a little bit of a dilemma. I try to Follow someone new ...once a day. I go about this by going to an Influencer's blog and view the Comments in one of their posts.

I look to see who is making some quality Comments ( and usually but not always has a Rep over 60 ) I then scroll to their own blog and check out there Content.

If they are posting Content I can relate to and really is rad...then I end up Following them and tagging them in my "" tab. (an awesome tool ,and I will make a whole video about it later on)

This is a great way to consistently keep up with what my favorite Steemians and Dtubers are creating on the block chain.

My only problem recently is that every time I find someone who is worthy...well I find out when I check their blog they only post once every 2 months or once a week.

The fact is I only Follow current Steemians who post at least 3 times a week.That's just my barometer I use.

But it's been hard finding quality creators who Post that often.

Anyone else have this problem ???