Have You Evolved as a Steemian ? In and Point ...ME and How I Used to Follow Only People with BIG Wallets :(

Author: robertandrew

Description: How have you evolved as a Steemian or Dtuber from when you first joined up til now ??

Is your Content richer? Do you interact with fellow Steemians and Dtubers differently ? Do you Upvote differently ?? Has your views in general about our block chain changed over time etc..etc..??

Me ?? Well one thing is that I used to only Follow people who had BIG wallets in the beginning. I simply thought they would Follow me back and give me BIG Upvotes and Rewards.

Boy, was I lost in those early days lol .Now I judge those I Follow by how I can relate to them and how I find their blog engaging and interesting. And forget all about that other stuff.

Let;s hear your Thoughts and how have you evolved on our block chain since when you first started ??