The Temptation to Leave Steem and Dtube can be very High.

Author: robertandrew

Description: It can be downright tough at the beginning to get any recognition or views of your Steem blog posts or dtube vlog posts. So hard in fact people many times just quit early
before they see the true potential.

The way to combat this ??Keep interacting with like minded people related to your certain subject matter that you blog or vlog about. Seek these like minded people out and Comment on their own blog and vlog posts.

Do it constantly but make sure your Comments are detailed and really add something of quality to subject matter at hand.

It ain't easy to just earn pennies for those first few posts on dtube and Steem but if you keep the interaction going you will find that changing in to dollars om down the road.

Btw, it took me a full month of blogging and vlogging EVERYDAY to earn my first dollar :)