Justin Sun and @Ned Who are the Lesser of Two Evils?? ( I'm Going Forward Regardless)

Author: robertandrew

Description: I've decided that Creators keep Creating and Building and as long as I'm capable of doing just that...well i'm happy with the notion !! Regardless of all the bullshit happening around me.

From evidence it looks like @ned sold out ninja mined Steem to Justin Sun without disclosing the IMPT. part that it was intended for Community development and NOT voting on witnesses. Oooops slight oversight ?? Yeah, right !!

Anyway, I know payouts are limited right now but as long as I have a platform to blog and vlog about I'm going to seize the opportunity.

That's what I have been doing for decades now and there is no reason to stop just because of some greedy a-holes.

Can I get an Amen :)