Other than Cryptocurrency What separates Steem and dtube from the Conventional Business World ??

Author: robertandrew

Description: The old adage Follow your passion and the money will take care of itself is for the most part a bunch of BS. Not in all cases. Of course there are people passionate about a lot of things like technology and make healthy livings from it. But most of us if we truly followed our are most intimate and important passions in Life the chances the money will follow is slim to none.

However, Steem is different, imho. You can actually follow your Passions like Food and Travel and find
a subset of people who will interact with you and ,yes, even Reward you monetarily with upvotes.
Although the nuances are different, You can do the same with Facebook and Twitter. But in most cases it is much more difficult to

This is something as Steemians and Dtubers we should be very excited about, and it will be
the impetus that keeps us flourishing for years to come :)