Staying Away from Covid 19...but Some people are still Fucking Clueless here in South Texas

Author: robertandrew

Description: A little rant. I am sick of covid 19 and want it to be behind us.I want to get out and socialize and have some fun just like the next guy.

But Coronavirus has a mind all it's own. So we cannot be totally oblivious to the fact the virus is alive and well in our Communities here in the US.

In South Texas, I have been recently to 'carry out' at some bars with mask in tow. And at one bar a couple of dozen people were chugging back the beers just joyfully sloshing the drinks back with complete strangers. It's like people come on let's give it a little bit of time before we do shit like this.

Sorry, but it's the truth !! We do not determine when the Pandemic is over with, rather the Pandemic determines when it is over.