Steem and Dtube have NEVER been Solely Based on this. Newbs will Fail if they Believe So !!

Author: robertandrew

Description: I originally thought when I joined Steem that it was a Content Dumping Site where I could earn $50 to $100 per Article posted. You see An online friend and business Associate informed me that I could as he was doing it.

When prices of Steem stabilized and turned south boy was in for a rude awakening. His $50 posts were now averaging 2 to $4 an article.

And he ended up quitting altogether because of this.

I soon learned that Steem and Dtube are more than just about Content. It's about building Relationships and Ntworking with people. And being part of a Community or Tribe and growing that way.

Content and producing good Content is still very Important. But it's just one of the proverbial "cogs in the wheel" here at Steem and Dtube/