I Admit I was a Gay Basher in My Youth ( My Goodness have We Come a Long Way but...)

Author: robertandrew

Description: "Look at Jussy he's such a super sweet [email protected]" were the unspeakable words uttered from my vile,immature mouth. I was a 7th grader at a college preparatory school in knoxville. TN (in southeastern US). I along with a group 8th graders got a sadistic "kick" after school harassing Justin Michael Schwamm. And only because he was a little different.
He was feminine and suspected he was Gay and boy did we hone in on that. I followed along with the group 8th graders
in this verbal assault on Jussy everyday after school to the bus stop. I wanted to fit in and be considered part of
the cool group.We would do it until he either screamed and yelled or started crying

Now looking back on it I wish I could take my hands and wring the neck of 13 yr.old Robert Andrew and knock some sense into him .!!

To my credit later that Summer on a road trip to six flags , I sat next to Jussy and profusely apologized for being such a ignorant a-hole to him in the past year. I was sincere and really meant to make amends for my evil ways. Fortunately, Jussy accepted my apology.

Here was a scary fact back then : In my generation if there was even a whiff in the air that you were possibly Gay you would be vilified and tortured to no ends
by the rest of the male students. No exceptions.

We thankfully have come a long way. And Iam soooo glad we have. It seems like it takes a generation or two to get things right. But gay people still suffer discrimination today. It may not be as overt as it was when I was growing up but it is still there.

I hope the next generation will completely eradicate that left over discrimination towards people with different sexual orientations and also Race and Ethnicity as well. It will be a long, slow uphill battle !.

We do not need to just tolerate it. We need to EMBRACE it and CELEBRATE it. That's just my opinion although I know there are some who disagree.

But in the end I was a Gay Basher myself. Not now ,not in the past 20 years, or even the last 35 years.
But the fact is at one point of time in my Life I was, and I cannot undo that and wanted to come clean on that notion and own up to it.