Do You like to Stick to People before They Stick It to You ??

Author: robertandrew

Description: In other wards, you anticipate someone is about to say something to you negatively or do something to you in a bad way, but before they do it you decide to strike first
with your own blend of meanness towards them.

Well, I used to be this way in my younger years. You know where you hurt someone before they can hurt you.
But I simply outgrew this and found out it only made matters worse.

I learned that you should never let someone else's actions determine your own.

IF you do you will end up sacrificing both your Integrity and Character .Take the high road
and let them insult you and then just move on and put it behind you. And ask in a cool and collective manner why they said what they did.

Do we see similar parallels between Tron and Steem Users ?? Are we are lashing out before they can do or say anything not so positive to us.

Not saying we are but just proposing that question