I have Never used Auto Voting and Why it's Never Crossed My Mind to Do So...

Author: robertandrew

Description: Let me clarify something. Auto voting and Auto curation trails are very useful tools at Steem and highly beneficial. I definitely do NOT slam anyone using them. The fact is there are just a certain amount of hours in the day. And the Auto voting tool allows Steemians and Dtubers to make sure to give Upvotes to people who they deem as worthy Content Creators.

Iam thankful to those who do auto voting on my own blog and vlog posts. It's a nice vote of confidence...for sure

But with me because of my schedule during the day I have Time to manually Vote and Comment. I get off early in the afternoon and I also have nights free after 8 pm.

Plus, I do love to just interact and get out in the "trenches" and do Commenting and Curating for some of my favorite Steemians and Dtubers.

It is very a enriching thing for me. And carthartic.