Unlike Facebook, We Keep It "Real" on Dtube and the Steem Block Chain !!

Author: robertandrew

Description: Well you know on FB all you see is smiling family pictures, kids laughing, great food and family travels.

It just warms your heart to see such great moments puke :(.

What you never see is the bad times mixed in with the good. I mean hell lets have FB posts with pics of kids crying and
spouses bickering and the vacations gone hell bound.

Thats why I like the Steem blockchain. We have "real" people who share the good and bad.Anywhere from great relationships to broken hearts...children laughing and talks
about child abuse in families...people just glowing to people who are fighting real depression and anxiety.

We keep it "real" on the block chain, and I must say Iam proud to be a part of it with all its warts and bruises :)