Do you have one big regret that involved speaking or acting to another person in a certain mannner and you wished could take back ( I do)

Author: robertandrew

Description: It was spring 1994. I was 26 yrs old and I was in one of those phases. I call it the "wild hair" phase where partying every weekend and also on some week nights was the norm.

In particular I frequented this country western saloon called Rodeos in Nashville, TN. They had penny beer nights on Wednesdays.

And me and my buddies would go there almost every Wednesday to get our drink on and do some "prowling".

Well long story short ( remember these were my wild hair days) I hooked up with a blonde named Candace. I really liked her a lot. We danced and talked and drank some

We ended up back at my place. And the next morning I drove her home. We both said we were interested in going out on a date and see where it would take us.

Well, I got her phone number and proceeded to call her later the next day. Her friend answered and said she was not there but gave me another number to call. A man picked
up at this other number and sounded kind of hesitant and suspicious when I asked for Candace.

Well Candace got on the phone and said she was in a relationship ( with the guy who answered the-phone) and I quote she said " but have a good Life". Click.

Well I was so taking back by this and hurt that I wrote her a letter. I knew she worked at eatery called shoneys down the road from where I lived at the time. The letter was
a very nasty and totally uncalled for one. In it I wrote that she was a fat pig( she was slightly overweight but still gorgeous)and that I wanted nothing but a one night stand with her "fatass" and "to have a good Life as well".

Well, I know she got the letter because in it was a ring that she had left on my nightstand. And I gave it to a shoney's employee to give it to her ( she was not there working at the time).

Anyway ,I know it kind of sounds silly and maybe overblown but I think about that nasty letter I wrote and how it probably affected her.

She said when I was with her she wanted to lose some weight and she was very self conscious about it. So I know the letter played on her psychologically in a very bad way.

I think about it often and wish I had torn the damn thing up and never sent it to her. If I saw her today
I would profusely apologize and let her know I wrote that nasty stuff about her because deep down I liked
her and thought we might have a date and possibly more.

It was 26 yrs ago but it was one big regret involving another human being that I think about occasionally. To think I could hurt someone like that is painful.

Let's here if you have any big regrets that you wish you could take back involving someone else.