Amazing Road Trip, Jammu & Kashmir Valley

Author: sayantandey77

Description: Trips to HEAVEN ON EARTH. Amazing Road Trip, Jammu & Kashmir Valley. A place everybody like to be there. World most attractive place which can afford by anyone from any place of India and World. Lets have a view of beautiful valley cover with snow. Once you visit Kashmir, no other place you would like to be.
Jammu & Kashmir, a piece of heaven on earth, is the 19th largest state in India and it is located mostly all in the Himalayan mountains.
J&K consists of three main regions – Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Between the three, the state offers beautiful verdant mountains and valleys, religious shrines and remote mountains. The people here are warm and hospitable, and they will welcome you into their land and homes easily. Each of these regions has its own culture, and this is evident in their daily lives and also their lifestyle.

Whatever your reason for visiting J&K, whether it is to enjoy the beauty, or test your limits while trekking the mountains, or simply to discover serenity and peace, J&K will offer you several reasons to keep coming back for more.

This visit during 1st Week of May 2017.