Seven Cycles of Code. An Overview of the Cycles (Part 2)

Author: sciencespotter777

Description: An attempt to create a unifying interpretation of (socio)economic events through history is presented. This is termed the Seven Cycles of Code. It is hypothesized that the most important technological advances deal with computing and coding technologies, and most critically, the ability to compute and transfer data, with informational entropy serving as the driving force. This process is discussed back to the time period of the 11th and 12th centuries, where arguably the first modern coding technology emerged, the printer. Printing technology (and all subsequent waves) led to a more rapid dissemination of ideas throughout the world (increased informational entropy), which results in innovation cycles of decreasing periodicity, which end in social conflict and isolationism that catalyzes new innovation. The paper will delve into aspects of science, technology, philosophy, history, and economics, with a spin towards technological forecasting and universal understandings. It develops the idea that not only are there economic cycles, but there exists an economic super-cycle whose end is rapidly approaching.

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