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Author: scottcbusiness

Description: I’ve been looking for ETF or index fund stock equivalents in the form of cryptocurrency for quite some time. I thought there were no good solutions until I found Statera. Statera works as an Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT), a store of value, and Proof of Balance.

I spent the last week gathering recommendations and researching a great deal on cryptocurrency tokenized ETFs or index funds. Of the many I stumbled upon, the requirements were extremely restrictive. For example, Coinbase requires you to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in indexed cryptocurrency funds and others don’t even hold the underlying assets. Many had these restrictions or were limited to the US or simply excluded my location.

After all of my research, I ended up with two coins: Statera ($STA) and Crypto20 ($C20). When I went to buy Statera, it was seamless and I had it instantly and have already seen it go up a great deal since I invested. When I wanted to buy Crypto20, I didn’t want to bother sending funds on an exchange only to trade and withdraw them losing a bunch of ETH in gas and withdrawal fees so I used Uniswap. I tried to buy around $100 USD worth of C20 twice with both transactions failing. It had huge price slippage and not much in its liquidity pool. Then I went to check how much people are trading it and realized the volume is so low. I didn’t feel comfortable continuing to try to get Crypto20 after this. While it does hold more coins in its index, it didn’t seem to be liquid enough. Also, Statera has many community pools and can expand the tokens it is pegged to. When you buy Statera it benefits from the price action of all index funds it is in.

So, after all of my searching, Statera is the lone index fund cryptocurrency that is simple and lets me invest in multiple cryptocurrencies with just one token. STA is made up of Delta, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Chainlink, and Synthetix in the ratio of 40/30/10/10/10. It is weighted towards Ethereum with the vision of it being the bedrock for DeFi. Delta, the core of this fund is a mix of ETH and STA at a 50/50 ratio.

What this means is that the index will automatically adjust the fund to keep to these allocations which are part of their proof of balance concept. The idea is that as one crypto goes up, we take advantage of its rise by spreading the wealth out amongst the other cryptocurrencies in the index. In this way, we should be able to get the most value out of all of them. This is achieved by the AI being able to buy dips and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities we couldn’t spot or during hours that competitors may be sleeping. It will also deter pumping and dumping because it will be automatically rebalancing based on trade activity. On top of it automatically balancing the fund, it’s also deflationary and by burning a small portion of the supply they incentivize holding by driving up the price. So, while all of this is going on, deflation is still happening where 1% of every transaction’s value is burned, this reduces volatility and increases positive price pressure.

On top of all that, their passive income value proposition is amazing too. If you add your STA to the pool with half STA and half ETH, you can earn from the fees being paid out and that interest will be compounded daily (38% APY on the low end and they say up to 900% APY on the high end!). The 50/50 STA & ETH token is called Delta. So, if you’re holding Delta, you will earn money from it daily. You can then put your Delta into Phoenix and diversify, even more, you get the passive income from Delta, the passive income from Phoenix, and you even get airdropped BAL tokens weekly! That’s three passive income streams compounded on top of each other.

To summarize there are three options:
Statera Token: When any index fund Statera is in goes up, it buys Statera pushing it’s price up, Statera gives you access to the price action of the whole ecosystem
Delta: Hold 50% Ether and 50% STA while getting paid passive income automatically that is paid in Ether and STA
Phoenix: Hold Delta/LINK/wBTC/ETH/SNX and get passive income automatically on all the assets plus BAL token airdrops.

To learn more:
Explanation: https://medium.com/@stateraproject/investing-in-stateras-deflationary-index-fund-19c74947a0d5
Whitepaper: https://stateratoken.com/assets/Statera_Whitepaper.pdf
Website: https://stateratoken.com/Website: https://stateratoken.com/

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