▶️ What Is Bitrefill & How To Use It | EP#336

Author: scottcbusiness

Description: Want an easy way to spend your crypto? Bitrefill lets you buy and reload gift cards for hundreds of retailers in many different countries. This way, you can spend your crypto with privacy and ease.

This is probably the best way to spend crypto and avoiding as many tax issues and red tape. Of course, every country has different laws so definitely do your own research, but this method is the best I know of. I personally have used crypto to Paypal funds, Bitrefill, and crypto visa cards to pay for things. Bitrefill has the cheapest fees, it has loyalty rewards, and it’s a good way to convert your crypto into something that isn’t just fiat money in your bank. This is also a solution for those who want to be completely unbanked or who are unbanked due to circumstances.

Bitrefill has tons of options to choose including a Bitrefill card that you can use on other cards later if you want to sell out of your crypto when it’s at a high value and keep that value. When you pick a card, some have minimums and others allow for custom amounts to be bought. All the cards are digital and must be redeemed by you. When you add it to your cart, go the checkout and go to pay, you will be presented with several different cryptocurrency payment options. Paying with the lightning network offers you a 2% discount. I’ve used ETH mostly in the past, but now I use DASH because it’s much faster and the transaction fees are negligible. You then get the address you need to send to and send your crypto. Depending on what you send, it will take some time to confirm and then produce a redeemable gift card code for you.

As they say on the site, it is fast, private, safe, and instant. The whole process only took me a few minutes and I’ve been using it now to pay for a lot of my day to day services and one-off purchases for the past 2 months including Uber, Steam, Amazon, and Google. You can even pay bills this way via Walmart’s bill payment kiosks using a Walmart gift card.

You can check out the interview I did with the CEO from Bitrefill here: https://lbry.tv/@ScottCBusiness:4/Bitrefill:4

Anyways, let me know if you use Bitrefill or know of any other similar services. How do you spend your cryptocurrency and where do you like to spend it? Let me know your thoughts on all of this in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.