▶️ How To Monetize Basically Anything | EP#328

Author: scottcbusiness

Description: Let’s talk about monetizing content. I think the concept of documenting is very underrated. For example, I can track my dividends and keep a budget of expenses which some may consider a tedious and menial task, but I can share it with you and earn cryptocurrency for it.

The one thing you may need to budge on is privacy. Obviously, I must give up my financial privacy if I share everything with people watching, but you are also in control of how much you share, however people will appreciate transparency.

Now mind you I don’t recommend using KYC platforms or giving out your license to any platform that asks, I just mean in terms of what you’re willing to share from your personal life. It could be anything from finance to sharing family recipes. You’d be surprised at how much people can benefit from gaining insight into other people’s lives and it helps us come to terms with our bad habits.

While some people would be uncomfortable doing this, I feel that it also helps keep me on track and accountable as I feel a responsibility to my followers to update them and stick to my plan to help show people what the journey could be if they did too. Not only that I end up getting paid to save money. I also track how much I earn from platforms and track my social media metrics and share all of that too which also ends up earning money. Things that one might consider boring, another may find very useful and get a lot of value from it.

The point here is that you can really monetize anything if you get creative. You’d be surprised what you can do and what others are already doing on so many platforms out there. I encourage anyone out there to try it out and see how even you can give and gain more value today.

Let me know what type of content you’re creating or thinking of creating. Thanks for all of your support and please do like, comment, share, and subscribe.