▶️ Live Streaming On Blockchain Platforms | EP#332

Author: scottcbusiness

Description: Are there viable solutions for live streaming on blockchain and crypto monetized social platforms? I share my views on the current state and what’s available out there.

In short, there’s not really any viable platforms out there for earning platform rewards that are decentralized and reliable. Some popular solutions like DLive and Theta both have many restrictions on withdrawals and access to your earned or deposited funds.

For more information on those two platforms you can view two of many videos I have put on them:

While Flote doesn’t offer platforms rewards aka the platform won’t award you crypto for views like LBRY does, but for example, they will give you 100% of superchat donations in Bitcoin. You will also get 100% of monthly donations in BTC too. It’s not perfect, but it seems to be the best solution currently.

I’ve yet to test it on 3Speak and it was not available when I tried, but I will as soon as it’s available.

I still think the leader in the live-streaming space is yet to emerge as well as podcast hosting while it pertains to blockchain and crypto monetized social platforms.

Where do you go for live-streaming and specifically what blockchain or crypto monetized platforms do you prefer both as a user and as a streamer? Should we be holding these platforms to a higher standard or cast aside their flaws in hopes of propping up their public image? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!