▶️ Financial Minimalism: What I Spend & How I Save | EP#329

Author: scottcbusiness

Description: In this long video, I cover how I budget and all the ways I save money. This is at the request of one of my followers who wanted a comprehensive look at what I do to get some ideas for how they can practice financial minimalism too. Let’s dive in.

I go into everything including what I spend on subscription services, business expenses, rent, phone bills, internet, utilities, rental insurance, loan payments, food, discretionary spending such as clothing, haircuts, alcohol, and much more.

As I go through all of this, I will explain what I spend, how I save, and my reasoning behind it all. I think it’s important to dive into all of this and keep yourself accountable. I highly recommend everyone keep a budget and find creative ways to save money and practice financial minimalism. While I take it to somewhat of an extreme, I also enjoy myself occasionally and don’t recommend you sacrifice everything, but I do think most people can do a little bit more than they are already. A few luxuries and vices here and there are fine in moderation.

How do you save? Do you keep a budget? What are some things you do to practice financial minimalism? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!