🇯🇵Travel around Japan by hitchhiking!! Exploration of Cats Island (Ishinomaki-shi Tashirojima)

Author: sekai-kun33

Description: 2019/8/9 I started my travel around Japan. I will go around the world trip after I got 1000 subscribers during the Japan trip. Please subscribe my channel.

The transportation is mainly hitching and doing camping.

I visited to Ishinomaki-shi Tashirojima. It’s called “Cats Island”. In the island, time passed slow. The people who living the island and cats are so natural. They don’t care about tourist. I could refresh for that. I stayed there for one night and exploration. If you are interested in this island. You should go there to find your favorite cat.

It's all Japaness but there are detail about my travel stuffs and what I did before this trip in my blog.