Reamp - Suhr, Bogner, Way Huge and Blackout Effectors Pedals

Author: sketch.and.jam

Description: Here is a test of my new Reamp pedal by Radial Engineering. First I played a clean direct track into my daw then ran that clean signal out to my Reamp pedal then routed them into a variety of old distortion pedals I have while rerouting the distorted signal back into the daw. Reamping is a great way to tweak a clean or even slightly dirty signal via external effects after recording. This process lets you utilize your old guitar pedals and amps for a more authentic sound. Some of the pedals featured here are my Twosome Blackout Effectors fuzz pedal, a Bogner Ecstacy Overdrive Preamp, two Suhr Riot pedals original and reloaded, another Bogner Distortion preamp and a Way Huge Fat Sandwich Fuzz pedal. I tend to like the messiness of real pedals vs software effects though it does take a bit of extra work getting the reamp cables and pedals setup.