Wav-Legion & Billy Korg - Beyond Expectations (Official Music Video)

Author: soundlegion

Description: Brand new Original Song and Official Music Video guys! WOOO this is a big collaborative release here with the talented @wav-dr & @nupulse Billy Korg

Both wav-Dr. and myself were in love with the production Billy Sent us, wav-Dr. added some great flavor on the guitar and I jumped on the vocal lyric. Billy Korg did the official track artwork that you can find on Choon and with the official track release. I had the guys send me video clips of them in front of a white wall so I could film parts myself my end and edit them together for a cool music video. This video is a black and white artistic edit with some color thrown in the middle as we explode into the sound. We put a lot of hard work and effort into this release hoping to kick thing up to the next level, we would really appreciate your support. It's a hard work for us independent artists and your upvotes shares and comments mean the world to us.

Original Song: Beyond Expectations
Producer: Billy Korg (@nupulse)
Musician/Producer: wav-Dr. (Dave Ronald) @wav_Dr
Singer-Songwriter: Bonnie Legion (Shavon Bonnie Legion) @soundlegion @BonnieLegion

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Beyond Expectations


I'm tired
I'm a million different things
I'm Tired
of a million different things
feel sorry for the phone when it rings cause
I'm not gonna get ya

you told me a million different things
you sold me a million different things
and you don't give a damn when I sing
cause, in the end, you know that Karma's
gonna get ya

I'm tied up hanging by a string
and I don't even care if you should cut me free
I'll sing with all the lights off
you can tape my mouth up
I can't shut the fuck up
baby you can't scare me with your millions of things

don't just sit there
give me perfection
give me perfection