$5 Licensing | Original Music for your Dtube & Online Content Videos

Author: soundlegion

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Are you looking for original music to add to your content videos? your sports, action, adventure, skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, surfing, landscape, art and time lapse videos are better with a soundtrack. (link: http://www.wav-legion.com) wav-legion.com offers $5 single use licensing for your non monetized online content videos. Select tracks, check out with paypal and we will send you license contract and mp3's. Wav-Legion offers a wide variety of sounds in various genres to fit all your audio needs for your visual content.

*Wav-Legion is comprised of California Singer-Songwriter Bonnie Legion & Canadia Musician/Producer: wav-Dr.
We work as a duo in track and sound creation and also in collaboration with various sound artists from all over the globe.

* Our site also accepts Bitcoin
if you would like to purchase tracks for licensing for your online content using Steem please contact us [email protected]