Mr. Majik | Metropolis Music - Insurgent [Lyric Video]

Author: soundlegion

Description: #hiphop #ukrap #musicforlife #soundlegion
Original Song: Insurgent
Beat Producer: Metropolis Music
Mixing-Mastering Label Release: Sound Legion
Album: Hello, Mr. Majik
Intro Audio Clip from UnholyRome
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There's been a murder, play with matches,
We're in the furnace, lake of acid,
The things you learn will make you savage,
The wind will turn, it's raining ashes,
The kingdom's burning, paint the blackness,
The revolution's overdue, we've breached the gates, and broken through, the hopeless few, we're all insurgents, and so are you, let's go!

Verse 1:
Death by firing squad, couldn't give a fuck if you admire me or not, I'm a live wire, when I ride by ya with a bomb, I predict a riot, I just lit a fire under God! Tie 'em in knot, but the violence won't stop 'till we kill it, it's like violins on the Titanic, I'm try'na be dynamic, under a tyrannical system, innocent bystander's don't exist, you either resist, or you're complicit, risk it all for biscuit, piss it all away, they dish it out, the shit that they can't take, I'll take their words and spit them in their face, everybody is collateral damage, you have to be a savage, if you want your foot in the door, in this world, then you better bring a battering ram, it's abracadabra, little bit of alakazam, got a punchline that might put a crack in the dam, I'll kill you in plain sight like the fucking Taliban, we're just sacrifical lambs, try'na hold on to hope, the last capitalist we hang, shall be the one who sold us the rope, I don't wanna rock the boat, I wanna put a fucking hole in it, if I go in, you'll go missing, if I don't spit it, then it wasn't worth spitting, we just work different, you're the murder victim when I lift the curtains.

Verse 2:
Death by lethal injection, knock your teeth out, another piece for the neckless, at times I seem reckless, need direction, welcome to the siege, we've breached the entrace, turn your kingdom into debris, I'll cut you deep, you'll bleed to death, I need my meds to decompress, I've been a mess, I've been depressed, I've seen the edge, I needed help, felt weak, pathetic, and fell so low, then my demons left and I just felt alone, had to reassess, regain self control, before I disappeared like melting snow, either kill yourself or who held the throne, I put the pistol down, and picked up a sniper rifle, life is like a fight with Michael Tyson, at the height of his prime when the lights were brightest, even if you win, it might take a piece of you with it, you'll never see again, fuck that, guillotine flow, heads roll, never let go, when I get low, check your pulse, I'm the next G.O.A.T, that's the end goal, I'm the best though, it's Mr. Majik and Metro, that's a death blow, I'm a retro hetero necro, kill that pussy coz the beat said so.

Verse 3:
Death by electric chair, life's unfair, so we need to make it fair, wait there mother fucker 'fore I take it there, break chairs on a mother fucker, I'm prepared, for the worst shit, on the worst day, it's a whirlwind, Bonnie & Clyde, that's me and my girlfriend, ride or die, she'll ride 'till the world ends, and fuck everyone else until then, if anybody ever touched her I'd kill them, peel their fucking face off, then drill them, with a pen in the eyeball like Heath Ledger, in a meat shredder, try'na eat better, I'm trend setter, with a vendetta try'na get better, get shredded with these words like a spinning propella, I'm on the ball now though like Cinderella, I'm a different type of storm, one that you could never weather, if I can kill a rabbit, I can kill a fascist, I consider that a fair trade, so, should I bring the axe? Put a gas mask on, cut limbs off, and the drug's so good that it feels like it's still attached, every day is a contant battle between this monster and all the Godless animals, we will not be cannibals unless we can't eat, and then we'll see what civilized means!