Tangerine Rain (Original Song) - Bonnie Legion | wav-Dr. | Brothers Black Studio

Author: soundlegion

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Tangerine Rain.
"Here is another great track with my talented friends at Wav-Legion (wav-Dr. and Bonnie Legion). Make sure to wear headphones for maximum pleasure. Thanks to wav-Dr. for a killer mix. Thanks to Bonnie for putting these awesome video productions together. Thanks to everyone tuning in. More collaboration with Wav-Legion to come." - Brothers Black Studio with Al Black.

Original Song: Tangerine Rain
Producer/Musician/Guitar/Bass/Mixing-Mastering/Filming: wav-Dr.
Singer-Songwriter/Filming/Visual Editor: Shavon Bonnie Legion
Musician/Drummer/Filming: Al Black
Sound Legion | All Ears Music Production | Brothers Black Studio

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