Mr. Majik | Metropolis Music - Industrial [Lyric Video]

Author: soundlegion

Description: #hiphop #ukrap #musicforlife #soundlegion
Original Song: Industrial
Rapper: Mr. Majik
Producer: Metropolis Music
Label: Sound Legion
Album: Hello, Mr. Majik

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You're a working class hero, in a concrete jungle,
Steel works, iron beams,
You're a working class hero, with a hammer and sickle,
Steel works, iron beams,

Verse 1:
Red dot, head shot, dead on sight, next stop, get chopped, head's on pikes,
dead lock, get lost, endless lies, then what, bedrock, bread and rice, I'll electrify this whole game, you'll get fried, when we eat the rich, we'll bake them in a pie, this life we're living just makes us wanna die, we're dying to make it and they're taking us for a ride, so it's redrum, got bread crumbs for the people, billions for the hedge funds, it's an evil system, no such thing as equal, no equilibrium, try'na be resilient, but they drop bombs on civilians, in our name, what the fuck is capitalism? Lick a boot! Shout out, to every immigrant, getting through, shout out to ones that didn't, hope you do! Anybody at the bottom, is somebody I can root for, kick the door down, brute force, they ain't ready for the storm, everybody's getting wet when the rain falls, you don't know the meaning of painful, we'll show you, same old story, where the fuck are the angels? Covered in blood, like a new born, never been bought and paid for, I'd rather remain poor, turn a rich bitch into a main course.

Verse 2:
Punch up, not down, you built this house, and now we're gonna burn it down, with you inside it, you can fight it all you like, or do the right thing and just move aside, the future lies in the hands of those that you've brutalized, the new uprising, treat us like, animals, and we'll bite, your time is finite like this candle light, you'll be sacrificed to the dark, stand and fight, let's hang the tyrants, we're undivided, fuck the giants, ninety-nine David's and one Goliath, food for thought, there's a fucking hunger crises, there doesn't need to be, but they're so deceitful, there's more empty houses than homeless people, I wonder why, I just wanna fucking provide, but the game is rigged, I can see the blood in my eye! The media is lying to you, it's a big club that you're not in, they're watching, fucking trash, put 'em in the bin, everybody's on the brink, we're just looking for a win, it's bottom up, not top down so bottom's up, rock out with you cock out, don't bottom out, we're about to eat the rich, throw bricks at the police, watch 'em bleed like pigs, I'd kill anybody if they touched my kids.

Verse 3:
It's embarrassing that in Britain, we have a monarchy, fuck the queen, you're a cuck if you like that bitch, you're a dweeb, you're a scab, get picked off, instantly! Fuck the prime-minister, fuck the president, fuck the billionaires, it's all a scheme, can't afford to feed the poor, but they can always afford to feed the war machine, it's corporate greed, they're all just thieves and they're stealing out your pocket, privatize the profits, socialize the losses, fuck the bosses, Shadow of the Colossus, mosh pits in Parliament, bally on in the cockpit, fuck is the point of a president? They're all puppets, might run up on this old prick with a musket, fuck your job, and fuck your beliefs, were you touched by God, or were you touched by a priest? I don't ever wanna work for anybody but me! If you haven't unplugged, every word is a lie that you've heard in your life, don't be a dumbfuck, everyone should be a comrade, radicalized, black, white, brown, asian, unionize, and stick it back to these mother fuckers controlling your life, organise a general strike and threaten their pockets, then get ready, for a hell of a fight.