[Wav-Legion] wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion - Slip N Slide (Official Music Video)

Author: soundlegion

Description: Original Song: Slip N Slide
Musician/Producer: wav-Dr.
Singer-Songwriter: Shavon " Bonnie Legion "

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I'm not afraid of you
I'm not afraid what your momma's gon' do?
everybody's sick way past the flu
so take this shot let me give it to you

I am a connoisseur, eclectic, basic carnivore,
I see your side of the Rubix door but
don't quite understand better tell me some more

I'm here for livin free take two steps back
before you lay into me,
I ain't stole your cup of tea oh sweet little boomer

This is a color wheel
move round to the sound
till the neighbor's squeal
Dr. says better take your pill
these waves won't end till they overkill

All these thoughts
feel me slide
all this talk let me
slip n slide

I heard the neighbor's said
something about your grain and bread
now all they're children ain't been fed,
this gossip rests when we all be dead

I'm not political
all these opinions push and pull
teach your children in the school
stand straight in the line or be made a fool

Chatter inside my head
flowing down from the river bed
strain these feelings over said
then pour me out of the mountain red

I'm here for living free
fuel my conscious destiny
bridge these gaps to eternity
or lose my mind way out to sea

All these thoughts
feel me slide
all this talk let me
slip n slide