wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion - Exhale [Nicky Havey Remix]

Author: soundlegion

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Both wav-Dr. & Myself are super honored to showcase an incredible remix by one of our favorite sound engineers Nicky Havey. This is the second Remix for one of our tracks that Nicky has presented. The first was for our very first collaborative track "Heavy Weight" where he absolutely WOWED us! Nicky takes us on a DNB journey with his brand new "EXHALE" remix hitting you with some serious sound in your headphones, or tearin down the whole house if your listening open.
For the Video I took the original video and kinda Remixed the feel and footage to flow more with this new brilliant version of a really fun and imaginative track about , UFO, others worlds and alien invasion.


Hold me down inside
im gonna fly when the dragons fly,
tape my wings and watch me fight
scramble your eggs in the moonlight

hey kids watch me jump,
drive down the back roads,
nobody else knows its quiet in the dessert with the lizards
and the black crows

escaped my prison
in the back there's a gun
i'll put a bullet in your head
take it real slow son,

take a rest on the highway
you not going my way

bless these wheels so fast
from the driveway

I’m feeling like a blind man driving down the road.
Try to see the obstacles while they unfold.
Try to turn a blind eye pushing the threshold.
Better stand up straight and do as you’re told.

over the mountains
past the sea
tangled a date with destiny
covered both my eyes before i could see
and drove off the edge yellin

But I’m not seeing straight and not feeling great.

watch me die inside
im gonna fly when the phoenix fly
burn my wings and watch me rise
straight from the blood I been baptized

But I’m not feeling great. I can feel a heavy weight.