Bufinjer | Wav-Legion - Audio Warriors (Original Song) Lyric Video

Author: soundlegion

Description: #audiowarriors

This is a special track for us guys! we are super excited to get this one out there as it's inspired by the incredible underground music community here on Blockchain, Steemit, Dsound, Dtube, Choon, Musicoin and beyond. There are so many passionate artists out there giving there all day in and day out to there sound art. We have been blessed to work with so many of you and hope we can all keep coming together with this art and show the world how many lines we can cross over and boxes we can escape with sounds art, human expression, and coming together with one voice in collaboration. We all have so much in common in this world and together we are strong. The music industry in it's current state really takes advantage of artists, and its a hard road to walk down when trying to achieve any kind of an income with it. But we dream, we push and we keep creating. Lets show the world who we are and what we can do. Hands in the air, eyes closed, tell the entire universe here I am, here we are, lets do this baby. Give me all you got

We are #audiowarriors and we will never give up

Original Song: Audio Warriors
Beat Producer: Bufinjer @bufinjer
Producer/Guitar/Mixing Mastering: wav-Dr. @wav_Dr
Singer-Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion @soundlegion @BonnieLegion


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Well you can call me crooked bonnie
drag my leg to the side
I got a bounce in my hip
and a patch on my eye

we're gonna gather in the street,
make it half past ten,
everybody, every nation
every sound jump in

there's a movement on the planet
and we're passing it around
point your ear straight down
you can hear it on the ground

we got colors on the left
and we got colors on the right
we got colors in the middle
flashin so damn bright

cause we're out here on a mission
don't nobody need permission
if they come it's their decision
as we gather with precision
every gang in town
every beat made sound
every heart profound
and we call it underground

everybodys getting crazy
got the fog getting hazy
as the streets pack out with the gents and the ladies
no ones out here on the sidelines
its decked out center stage
drummed out, hop town, mo-town, dirty flavs,
got the Dr. on guitar if the sound getting broke down
bufinjer is hopin as the sound going all around
yeah im Bonnie and I'm chill
yeah im bonnie I'm in heaven
yeah im bonnie twisted crooked singing anthems by 11

everybody's in the fluid
everybody's in the doin
as the streets light up
with the hands all movin
no ones out here getting left out
its everybody chillin
blowing on a hornpipe, riding on a feelin,
everybody is a rock star
everyone's a warrior
we don't even care if your a local or a foreigner
yeah im Bonnie and I'm chill
hes the dr hes in heaven
yeah im bonnie here with bufinjer
singin to the brethren

Thank you guys for checking out latest collaboration with the talented @bufinjer we want to connect with all our Audio Warriors out there making music day in and day out putting there passions out there in full sound vibrational force. Give us a comment and send us a tweet use the hashtag #audiowarriors @LegionWav @bufinjer Let us know your artist name or band name, what kind of music you make, and how long you been putting your stuff out there.

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