Morning Frost by wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion | Therese Lefèbvre

Author: soundlegion

Description: Original Song: Morning Frost
Guitarist/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.
Piano: Therese Lefèbvre
Singer-Songwriter: Shavon "Bonnie Legion"

I am so honored to present to you guys a follow up collaborative piece with Therese Lefèbvre. Therese is an incredible pianist who plays expressively from the heart. Our first collaboration Long Day was received so well, we had to jump in quickly on another piece.

The piano beds for "Morning Frost" were laid by Therese Lefèbvre and she filmed and edited her video clips for the piece in Switzerland. wav-Dr. added his incredible magic with his acoustic guitar building this into something even more special and filmed his parts from Canada. I jumped in with the two parts to create an original vocal lyric for the track and filmed my parts here in Northern California. All parts where sent my way to create a final edit video as wav-Dr. polished a mixed and mastered final song version.
This is our outcome with already a booming response overnight.

I am absolutely humbled to work with such incredible artists and to create pieces like this from the heart to stir the soul. We are all 3 incredibly honored by the response so far with this trio dynamic sound.


Morning Frost
the soul slips on sight
all feels lost
winds chill on sight on sight on sight

come round and give me warmth
blanket from the sky as the flurry swarms
froze in the night as the world conforms

subside my fear
and draw me near
release the cold
and give me hope

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