Wav-Legion & Ethanol ADDiKtz - Legion XIII (Lyric Video)

Author: soundlegion

Description: Original Song: Legion XIII
Producer/Mixing/Mastering/Rapper/Lyricist: Ethanol Addiktz
Musician/Singer: wav-Dr.
Singer-Songwriter/Visuals: Bonnie Legion

"It's an absolute honor to present this brand new original song LEGION XIII with the very talented Minus 13 aka Ethanol Addiktz and Wav-Legion. "


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Wake me, wake me,
I'm not dead don't undertake me
glue my heart of glass you break me
fill it up and put a metal casing

groggy, foggy,
wake this human origami
fuel this spaceship Fire Coffee
and call it 13 Dr. Bonnie


Cooking up a storm in the form of thor
i rain havoc on planets
then I rip out its core
I'm the reason all the glacier's
have started to thaw, I board up all the windows
then I kick in the door
Like I'm the law with the force of a 1000 swords
on a course to collide with every opposite side
whatever problem's arise, it doesn't matter call the banner's
you'll be running for your lives
when the legion arrives

Wave my Legion ride
13 golden pipes
blaze my falling sky
not every little things gonna be alright
Wave my Legion ride
13 minus lights
Brave my Legion ride
not every little things gonna be alright


Call me a dead man walking, corpse still talking
creeping through the night I'm asleep by morning
try to hide the rage. but the dragon's still roaring
I can hear them calling a crazed man stalking
run across the battlefield leave myself open
I can see the glare from the scope and I'm hoping
today ain't the day I'm erased cos,
I've got a case of ethanol sitting in the basement

See me sailing
I'm not gone I'm just prevailing
see my heart eternal wailing
through these skies of earth I'm bailing
stars all take me
give me something new to shake me
I'll pretend I'm dead
and you can re-awake me
I become brand new every time you break me


Back for another round, rally up the madding crowd
turn it up loud for the legion with a different sound
you can pound the ground in defiance all you like
But the doctor operated and gave Bonnie a mic
that's foresight into the future
half man half computer, with the power to reduce yo to rust
in the legion, we trust, in the movement we must
make haste up the pace and leave you there in the dust, so I wave

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