wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion [Wav-Legion] - BOND (Official Music Video)

Author: soundlegion

Description: Original Song: Bond
Producer/Musician Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.
Singer/Songwriter Visuals: Shavon "Bonnie Legion"


I don't feel better, I don't feel good,
maybe its the weather,
maybe if you could,
try and understand me,
maybe then we can be not so heavy
yeah it's all so heavy heavy here

I tried to find a purpose
but you could not defend me
you said that I was broken
and then you tried to mend me
well maybe I was perfect
the colors yeah they blend me
and everything was worth it
but everything is heavy heavy here

everything is heavy heavy

I don't feel calm even though I should be
I'm quiet on the outside but smokin like a chimney
cause somethings on the inside
it's burning deep within me
and everybody here tried but they could never get me
its to heavy here

I'm running into cobwebs every time you see me
your open the boxes I been closing up within me
and maybe its all pointless but
baby, I 'm believing
I tried to build a fortress
but the stones are too heavy heavy here

everything is heavy heavy

everything is heavy heavy here

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