wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion (Wav-Legion) - Check Your Pulse

Author: soundlegion

Description: Original Song: Check Your Pulse
Producer/Musician/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.
Singer-Songwriter/Visuals: Shavon Bonnie Legion

I tried to see you
but it's hard sometimes cause we see things differently
we try to do our best but we all fail
and yeah I fail
but something beats me like the heart in my chest
and I confess that I don't know if this way
is right or wrong so I'll sing this song
if we can get along

we gotta love one another
gotta hug one another
gotta hold one another
gotta try
cause we know that the whole world
is heading to someplace unknown

you gotta run for your lover
gotta care for you mother
gotta give to you brother
gotta love one another
the whole world
the future is unknown

Check your pulse

This box is telling you lies,
this man is in disguise
I just want to free your mind
are we all so blind
am I so blind
foolish heart all the colors bind
all these hearts they intertwine
someone came and they drew the lines
and we stood there helpless and undefined


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