Billy Korg | wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion - Blue Bottle (Original Song)

Author: soundlegion

Description: #pop #electronic #alternative
Original Song: Blue Bottle
Producer/Mixing/Mastering/Cover: Billy Korg @nupulse
Producer/Musician: wav-Dr. @wav_Dr
Singer-Songwriter/Video: Shavon Bonnie Legion @soundlegion @BonnieLegion

I am super excited to share this brand new track with @nupulse Billy Korg and Wav-Legion. We are cooking up tracks left and right this end and putting everything we got into this music. For this video presentation of the original track I created an original video using 4 parts edited and effected stock footage and a photo of a blue bottle. I use sony vegas and play with effects and lighting and overlays untill i get somthing unique and effective for the track. It's been a long process with video creation in all the various forms I create videos and think this one came out pretty quality. I always look to improve and take things a step farther from where I was at. I hope you guys enjoy this new song produced by the incredible @nupulse Billy Korg who has been a welcome addition the the Wav-Legion sound with my partner in crime @wav-dr

2019 Blue Bottle. Writen by Bonnie Legion & wav-Dr.
Produced by Billy Korg.

Blue Bottle [Lyrics by Bonnie Legion]

I called you on the phone
but I couldnt hear you on the other end
I feel you there in silence breathing in all your sin
cover it up with violence
there's only fragments left we cant pretend

if you could just take the blue bottle
and pour it down babe
pour it down the drain
if you could just take the chains off
and throw them down babe
could we be free again

if you could just take the blue bottle
and pour it down babe pour it down the drain

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Sound Legion & All Ears Music Productions & Billy Korg AKA Nupulse