Bonnie Legion - Diamonds [Uru Project] REMIX

Author: soundlegion

Description: This is a chillaxin deep house pop remix by Uru Project

Qrittix & Bonnie Legion Diamonds
Uru Project Remix


married next to you
buried next to you
all our dreams come true
we made a deal with diamonds

we built ourselves a wall
stood back to watch it fall
and it crumbled on us all
we cracked the face of diamonds

pressure cooked the coal
buried in my soul
now there's just a soul
where there should have been a diamond

a search through rock and stone
and all we find is bone
and now we are alone
this worlds to weak for diamonds

now we are alone
this world to weak for diamonds

now we are alone
took riches and a throne
we forgot about our home
we fooled ourself with diamonds