Author: soundlegion

Description: This is not an official release track. This is an original vocal lyric that I put to an online trip hop beat instrumental that I came across. The channel has since been removed or would credit.

This track was inspired by my exploration of the brilliant mind that is Jacque Fresco

Original Vocal Lyric: Sadness
Singer-Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion
Instrumental: YouTube Online Free Use Trip Hop Beat Instrumental
Non-Official Release



written by Bonnie Legion aka Sounds Like Shavon
You see the billboard,
its in the picture,
flashed so many times before your eyes,
they try to program,
direct your pathway,
its all filled with falsehood and lies,

we lose our freedom,
in sweet illusion,
there not sellin ya nothing ya need,

I try to run away from the confusion,
its your conspiracy lost in the greed,

im not tryin to believe in the madness
im just tryin to relieve the sadness
may be a sinner in this world, a confessor,
when it comes to evil, gotta hope for the lessor

you hear the old man,
he draws a picture,
shows us all what the world could be like,
he says the problem is that we're not civilized,
dont take to much of a reason to fight,

there droppin bombs on little children,
takin over they want there control,
you see what matters here its only money,
theres a price on your life and your soul