wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion - ISOLATE (Official Music Video)

Author: soundlegion

Description: #isolation #alternativerock

Original Song: Isolate
Producer/Musician/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.
Singer-Songwriter/Cover/Video Production: Shavon Bonnie Legion


Paradise lost, clever devil
its the soul that sees not the eyes, on the level
is it art for art sake or art for God's sake
is tyranny in heaven cause we lost the landscape?

all at what cost? Another rebel!
the minds its own place it creates the devil
is it love for hate sake? or love for God Sake?
or love for one so you can win the sweepstakes?

is everything lost? Traitor angel,
the heart it screams to the souls of the faithful
Damn the flood gates prepare to inflate
the Queen is down and someones calling a checkmate

paradise lost and we isolate
all for one and the rest is all fate
is it fear for fear sake? or fear for God's Sake
or fear to leave here without a keepsake?

Time to ISOLATE your particles
(try to reach the masses)
Time to ISOLATE your molecules
(collect fear for taxes)

(but they don't want to leave me alone)
(but they don't want to leave me at home)


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