Mr. Majik | Metropolis Music - Strangelove [Lyric Video]

Author: soundlegion

Description: #ukrap #hiphop #musicforlife #soundlegion
Original Song: Strangelove
Rapper/Lyricist: Mr. Majik
Beat Producer: Metropolis Music
Mixing-Mastering/Label Release: Sound Legion
Album: Hello, Mr. Majik
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The world is turning, and we're all gonna die,
and I feel fine, and that feels strange,
The earth is burning, it's the end of our lives,
and I feel fine, and that feels strange.

Verse 1:
Mr. Majik, reporting live from The Matrix, you're not alive, you're just faking, sometimes I find it amazing, all the saliva you're wasting, saying nothing, you might as well just leave your mic in the basement, feel like the climate, I'm changing, I don't wanna die without saying, everything I need to say, same pilot, different plane, must be in my DNA, you'll never replicate, this replicant, there'll never be sequels, run up in your house and turn that shit into Resident Evil, decadent, pestilence, there's no sign of intelligent people, feel like the elephant man, I'll never forget what I've seen, and we don't get to do a redo, we do this endless routine, I just wanna reach you, reach through the speakers and let you see, everyone's see through, all I wanna do is set you free, I need to recoup, before it bleeds through, I'll always be true, the dream's true, and the world is a fucking lie, fuck it all, fuck it, just follow me to the otherside.

Verse 2:
Mr. Majik is Mr. Robot with lyrics, I'm sniffing the coke off mirrors, I see myself in the dust, a different dose every minute, there's no one spittin' like us, I must have been born at dusk, I wonder what all the drugs, have done to me, maybe it's positive? Maybe I'm fucked! Baby, we've got this shit, me and you could survive the apocalypse, might get lost in it, my favourite artists, are dead artists, the better they died, the more that I like them, the quicker they die, the better, lie detector inside me, this might be my final letter, you'll never find me, or hear me speak like I'm Harpo, the pigs are like the gestapo, and when I watch The Sopranos, I'm Christopher Moltisanti, the difference is, I would have run away with Adriana, fuck the Feds and fuck the business shit, could give a shit less, dickheads everywhere I look, I feel a bit dead, breaking bad, are you scared to cook? Looking around like what the fuck is this, a dare I took?

Verse 3:
Mr. Majik, my mother took me to Merlin Crescent, the way I kill a fucking beat is like a murder fetish, you'll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so I'm putting fire on the beat, watch it burn to death, but I'm a nervous wreck, I don't regret the words I said, I want the perfect death, I'm try'na learn the steps, but it's not worth the stress, an urban legend, look up at the sky, we're gonna turn it red, we'll take our chunk of flesh, if we have to take a chunk of flesh, I'm a fucking mess, baby, just throw some paint on the canvass, I don't relate to the actors, the broken faith of a Catholic, and I may be trapped here, it's like a prison, on this island stranded, try'na find a light in the sky, like a Chinese lantern, I don't want to kill them, if I do it's just a crime of passion, this is like an anthem for everybody who's been abandoned, everybody's climbing ladders, I just wanna rid the planet, of the deep rot inside it, if it even matters.