Bonnie Legion | wav-Dr. | Billy Korg - Knife of Me (Original)

Author: soundlegion

Description: #breakbeat #drumstep #alternativehiphop

Original Song: Knife of Me
Producer/Cover: Billy Korg
Producer/Musician: wav-Dr.
Singer-Songweriter/Video Visuals: Shavon Bonnie Legion
@soundlegion @BonnieLegion @wav-dr. @nupulse

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This is a Electronic Fusion Break Beat Alternative HipHop DrumStep track :) The lyrics in this track are about the power of words. It's a harsh lyrical performance. I was inspired from a darker place after watching mainstream media and videos on the tragedies of war. The song is about confusion for the masses, getting hit hard with false information that can motive dark passions, its about political tyranny and the use of words to inspire harm hate and war overseas and in our home towns in our family circles. Our words can be like weapons.

give me two more seconds to clear my head
well said had a bullet in my head
its a fucked up world yeah everyone's faceless
starving hungry bored and graceless
pour me flavor they're all tasteless someone has to die to pay this

okay its fine another time
one cheap shot as a simple crime
roll me another one and let it rise
see my divine in your pretty eyes
im hungry starving and full of grace
well none to spare cause we're out of lace
graceless starving bored and graceless

hungry crooked worn and tasteless

ohhh look how I cut you make a knife of me
ohhh this bleeding heart is such a tragedy
ohhh my minds an army send the cavalry
ohhh my tongue is sharp you made a knife of me