Mr. Majik | Metropolis Music - Half The Sky [Lyric Video]

Author: soundlegion

Description: #ukhiphop #rap #musicforlife #soundlegion
Original Song: Half The Sky
Rapper/Lyricist: Mr. Majik
Beat Producer: Metropolis Music
Mixing-Mastering/Label Release: Sound Legion

Album: Hello, Mr. Majik OUT NOW!!!!!
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Half The Sky

In the dark of the night, when the stars are the brightest,
heart's are alive, coz you gave me life,
I love you Mum, you raised me right,
Women hold up half the sky,
In my darkest nights, in the pale moonlight,
When I cry, you make it right,
I love you Shavon, you keep me alive,
Women hold up half the sky.

Verse 1:
Me and my mum were like Thelma and Louise, and I love the memories when we were in India, I'll always cherish them, me and you were like a team, made each other laugh, had everything I could ever need, singing silly little songs along the motorway, those were the days! Couldn't dream of a better person to be my leader, you'll always be a fucking queen to me, mum, you'll always be the cool hippie, rebel to me, mum, and fuck everyone else, we didn't need them then, and we don't need them now, it's still you and me, mum! Us against the world, that's Valerie Legion, disrespect my mum, that's the bloodiest beating, anybody ever touched you, I would fucking delete them, if I don't change the world then I'm underachieving! You always took my side and had my back, and still do now, I wish that I could pay you back.

Verse 2:
I just wanna save the world and you're Sarah Connor, couldn't ask for a better parent, I'm forever honoured, to be your son, I'll always need you love, I love Shavon, she's a lot like you, and you took me that day, there to pick her up,
thank God for you, I don't know what the fuck I'd do, without you, I'd be lost, you've never let me down, the strongest women that I've ever known, Shavon and you, Bonnie & Clyde, that's all I ever wanted to do, I love you baby, I would murder everybody for you, I look at you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I'm Spike and Angel, welcome to my vampire lair, for you I'd do it, I would go and fight to get my soul back, I would jump in a black hole, try'na find you, if I lost you I'd go mad, I'll find you, wouldn't blink twice, I'll die for you.

Verse 3:
Behind every great man is a great woman, the first moment we met, we were Bonnie & Clyde, nobody's gonna touch you, I would kill anybody that tried, you made me into a man, darling, that's not a lie! I don't wanna die, when I've got you by side, I just wanna be a part of your story, you're the main character, you should get the glory, this whole album wouldn't exist without you, it's the best shit that I've ever done coz of you! I look up to you, you're the one, you're truth, we need our crew, me, you, Peter and Lucy like a dream come true, you'll never lose me, I look at you, in awe of you, I swear to God that I would go to war for you, you're everything I want, without you, there's no me, and I trust you more than I trust me.