[WAV-LEGION] wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion - Small World (Holographic Art Music Video)

Author: soundlegion

Description: Original Song: Small World
Producer/Musician/Mixing/Mastering: wav-Dr.

Singer-Songwriter/Cover/Video: Shavon Bonnie Legion

This Video is a Sound Legion & All Ears Music Production and was edited by Shavon Bonnie Legion in Holographic Art Style.

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Harbor mist cold at night
walk these streets no thoughts denied
it's calling back in the wind
no place I'm going

where I'm going

or where I been

Its a small world
its a small world

they came inside and built with clay
and shaped the mountains for the words we lay
can we reach the distance
oh its ever far
a spec of dust defined in trust round a tini star

its a small world
its a small world

blue little rain drop
blue little sky
blue little heartache passing me by

oh in the harbor mist
I see you walk by
its been forever but I remember
oh the time it flies
I'm delighted to see you moving on
just a greet and smile though it's been awhile
in a flash you're gone
will I see you again?
oh sweet december
with thoughts so big
is the world that big?
then I remember

its a small world
its a small world