Watched in Morning, Followed in Day, & Stalked at Night ! My Real Life Haunted Experience

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Everyone.

When any unknown figure follows you, than it becomes quite annoying. Afterall we do not want to be followed. It create suspicion and get feared of going out.

Soon such following becomes the act of stalking. However I have the same experince in a single day, ***I was watched, I was spied, I was followed and I was stalked at night.*** only to realize I was under a black magic attack. It was one of the haunted experince, i had in my life still getting goosebumps and have very fearful experince of life.

It was shared in a video and share your thought in case such thing happen to you. Will you be scared ??

## Stay Home...Stay Safe !!

**Namaste @steemflow**