Towards Healthy Living - Indian Homemade Age Old Methods /Tips.

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Everyone,

One thing that the Pandemic taught us, is to keep a strong immunity system. Immunity is the body resistance power to fight against external virus and germs. Seasonal Flu or cold n cough are many treated at home without consulting a doctor. But

**How to improve the Immune.?? Or Internal body more stronger ??**

Obviously home made food is one of the first. Avoid the junk or market made food, and other age old method, that we still practice at home. What are those..?? In India "Ghar k Nushke" (Home Remedy) were very popular. Some of them were very easily made.

Sharing some of the tips that may help you to improve the immune system and help you stay healthier.

## Stay Home....Stay Safe !!

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