Forking Hive Out Of Steem - Welcome To All New

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Steemians & Lovely Dtubers,

Last few days have been a roller coster for Steem. With many developments, sell off, fights and finally a small fork to make way for new Hive.

Hive is a new decenteralised platform built out of Steem to give a new user experience. At the stroke of 10 AM EST on 20 th March the new platform will be launched for the user. The launch is well.complimented by few Airdrops and wallet balance equivalents to that of current Steem wallet.

All your Steem post will appear on hive however post the the launch of the platform there will not be any cross posting. You can use to make your content similar in line with Steem. All the facilities will remain same and all you need is to just share the great content that you have been doing it till now. This is a best way to allow Steem user not to get exploited from Tron acquisition.
Surprisingly, since the announcement of Hive launch, the Steem prices were pumping at a very higher pace. It was close to .80 at the time of writing the content. I belive the market pump is only to keep the Steem user base intact. However for us the more interesting thing would be to make Hive more successfull.

Let's begin a new chapter and make the new begining popular.

Thanks & Namaste