How To Save A Drowning Body ? The Best Trick..

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello,

While we are in any kind of emergency or saw any casuality our mind stops working and it becomes difficult to judge what to do. In such cases it is always important to hold our patience and decide calmly. I know it's not easy but this is how things need to do.

The activeness of mind does help to save of life. And if hou are aware of any tricks then that going to be great.

Like what in case, you will do when you see a person drowning in front of you ??

Obviously, you will try to pull that person, however doing so you are putting your life at risk. So the best way to save a drowning body is to ...have a calm mind on your shoulder and some alertness. Here is short video of saving a life.

## Stay Calm...Stay Safe !!

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