What made me to make video at 5 AM ? Some Crazy Thought.

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Everyone..,

I am back. Yesterday, I couldn't make any video, obviously due to certain undue circumstances. And now my craze to make videos made me to make one at 5 in the morning. Am I insane ?? No I am not.

There are some real factor that allow me to make one. Honestly, there are many things which you miss during the course of the day and later you feel guilt about it. This may affect in many way. Either you feel like.missing something important or may be you couldn't put exact focus on work. Mine reason of this insane act is described in the video.

It is good to woke up early and have some quite time. And it made me to make a video. Watch the video to know the exact cause.

## Peace

### Namaste @steemflow