My Mobile Taught Me - Get Rid of Extra Baggage : An Important Way to Live Life.

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Hivers,

***It is always said that, carrying unwanted stuff like thought,tenson in mind may affect your health***. They are actually the extra stuff carrying with ourself.

I had the pretty same experince and can easily relate with the important phrases of all time. My phone was awkwardly behaving since last few days and finally i concluded that it was over loaded with many unwanted apps.

Every technology do have certain limitation and if they get excess of their limitation then, they stopped working properly. Same thing happens with my phone which has many unwanted and used apps that was slowing down the performance. When I found out I get rid of them quickly only to make it working fine again.

It's like getting a new life and loads of burden. Do apply same thing in life and never get yourself overburdened with many unwanted illogical stuffs.

## Stay Home...Stay Safe. !!

**Namaste @steemflow**